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Verifying borrower submitted loan information has never been easier

Veri-Tax is the premiere provider of verification and ability-to-pay solutions, helping the mortgage and lending industries meet the raised compliance and fraud detection requirements implemented by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  By utilizing the industry’s most advanced technology, Veri-Tax gathers the necessary documentation to streamline a loan’s funding, accelerate underwriting decisions, and improve the overall customer experience. Veri-Tax’s suite of fast and reliable verification solutions include 4506-T Income Verifications, SSN Verifications, Verifications of Employment, and Verifications of Accounts.

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Veri-Tax Benefits | Verification Services & Solutions

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  • Verify Income
  • Verify Employment Status
  • Verify Assets, Monthly Payments on Loans and Identity Undisclosed Debt Obligations
  • Gather Data to Determine Debt-to-Income Ratio
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